Hello, today in this article I am going to talk about best free music download sites for android phones apps available to download. There are different genres of music such as romantic, metal, sad or rocking etc. It depends on our mood which song we want to listen. So, it is always great to know some sources from where we can download our favorite music on our phones on the go.

xOk then, let’s not waste more time and head forward on our topic so in here I am going to share some of the best music download apps in which you will be able to download any of your favorite songs whenever you like or anywhere else, just you have to download the apps. So, you don’t need to worry I am going mention some best app so just check out in below.

List of best Music download Apps


Mp3 skull music app is another great music downloader for android phones. It allows you to search different music very fast and as well as it very easy to use. In this app you will find unique features it will automatically search the lyrics of that song which you are hearing and it is very easy to download the music.

download music for free


Tidal music download app is one best music app and which allow you to access many song with different high quality music tracks but for that you need to just little amount which is $19.99 in a month. There are many features like searching song is very easy and also you can listen any of your favorite song while in offline and also could save any track that you like directly. This app is quite impressive as you can save your internet data or if it is slow connection you can save any songs.


This app is also one of the best to download your music it has many features and function like while playing song you can resume and play it again. As this app allow you to create your own playlist and also it let you to save your songs for offline playback.


Deezer music app is another best and great download app which allows you to save offline music. This app offers you to download music or song library by paying $6 in a month. And make sure that you never uninstall or remove otherwise all the song which is save in offline will be automatically unavailable so keep in mind that.

So, I hope after reading this article you will surely try one the apps mention in the given list. As there are many more other app but the app which are listed in here are quite top which many people used.  So you can choose one of the apps and start downloading your favorite song. If you like this article please share it with your friends. Thank you for reading this article till this line.